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The First Electric WaterJet Scooter

for recreational, sports, professional and military use



A marine, sports, electric scooter developed by the Irish engineering company JetFlow specifically for use on any bodies of water, including rough seas.

Jer scooter
and strong

The ultra-light and ultra-strong hull, made using a special technology from materials such as carbon, kevlar and innegra, has in its structure a “layered cake” made using thermal vacuum technology with the use of cellular elements. Provides simultaneous rigidity, flexibility and lightness of construction. It is easily transported on the roof rack of a passenger car and is also easily removed and carried by two adults.

The unique scooter's hull

The hull is designed according to the wave gliding trimaran principle with high lifting force, allowing for the minimal water resistance when gaining speed, which in turn allows it to reach very high speeds and preserve extremely low energy consumption. One of the distinctive features of the design is its high stability on the water, combined with ultra-manoeuvrability through the significant rotation of its jet nozzle.Stability is achieved through the special longitudinal redans that redirect incoming water flows. Jet Scooter has high stability even at low speeds

Net weight 33 Kg
with battery 55 Kg
  • 1884 mm
  • 1363 mm
  • 995 mm

The elegant cockpit contains two completely sealed glove boxes for storing your smartphone, documents and car keys when travelling. One is equipped with a wireless and wired smartphone charging cable.

Fully Electronic


In spite of the numerous electronic protections and the absence of a constantly running internal combustion engine, the Jet Scooter is equipped with a “Kill Switch”, a key that attached to the arm or leg of the rider (different versions), as required by the authorities.

If the rider falls of the Jet Scooter, additional circuits break, preventing the possibility of the propulsion system working.

throttle speed

The throttle grip with special anti-slip rubber coating, combined with specially designed and uniquely shaped handles gives to the rider reliable control during difficult manoeuvres and jumps, even in challenging weather conditions.

Water Breaking

Water Breaking

Another important feature of the Jet Scooter is Water Braking System (WBS) with fully controlled dynamics of braking.

WBS allows rider to use Jet Scooter for any purposes, including complex freestyle sports, racing, or a smooth mooring to ships, yachts,piers and on the beaches.

steering system

The scooter's fully electronic steering system, high-strength, patented steering column made of carbon fiber and aluminum ensures the scooter's turn with an accuracy of 1 degree. Providing comfortable control at high speeds and performing complex maneuvers. The turning jet nozzle ensures the scooter turns around in the smallest possible water space.



Inbuild pre-set modes feature providing option to set up usage modes that determine:

  • 01

    Maximum capability of the propulsive system

  • 02

    Maximum permissible speed

  • 03

    Travel time limits and battery consumption


Jet Scooters are configured individually based on the goals for the specific usage

Available pre-set
usage modes:

  • BeginnerIncluding children

  • Expert No limits

  • Regular Recreational, tourist

  • Professional For rental usage

  • Sport High-speed

  • Tow Used when towing

  • Free-style Hard mode



A powerful removable Li-ion 4.2 kW battery weighing 18 kg is assembled in a certain way in a safe case, and controlled by its own controller (BMS) ensures long-term, reliable operation and avoids drop in voltage, thus ensures complete preservation of all running qualities of the scooter until the battery is completely discharged.

Full control over each battery element ensures its maximum efficiency and maximum long-term use. The battery reaches a full charge in 2 hours.

It can be charged both from a regular outlet through a charger, and through an adapter from an electric car on the shore or as well from an charging station for electric cars.

Battery Charge Monitoring mode (when the battery is detached from the Jet Scooter), is a feature providing complete control of internal charging processes of all cells of the battery pack by the monitoring and charging system and is controlled through Bluetooth connection.

Li-ion 4.2 kW
Weighing 18 kg
Full charge in 2 hours

The battery pack has three editions:


The battery is made in the form of a finished "plug and play"module, attaching to its place just in one movement.

Military Edition

The battery is secured in a bulletproof sealed metal case andis placed in a special battery compartment with an additional sealed lid.

Military USV

In “unmanned surface vessel” edition, the battery is not removable, and is takes space inside the entire hull, in this case, the battery capacity is increased by 6-8 times, depending on the requirements



Jet Scooter is equipped with a high-bright, shockproof and waterproof display with a huge arsenal of functions.

The display is made with a military grade technology which allows operation regardless of the splashing water or wet hands.

By default, the display shows:

  • Speed by GPS.
  • Instantaneous power of the propulsion system.
  • Power reserve at the current driving style.
  • Time now and time of the current trip.
  • E-motor temperature.
  • Controller temperature.
Jer scooter

Additional screen functions include:

  • GPS navigation with path tracing.
  • Ability to lay the route of the trip in advance.
  • Calls to the pre-assigned phone numbers (if there is an inserted SIM card).
  • Calls to the technical assistance services.
  • Play media files while driving through wireless waterproof headphones.
  • Ability to receive incoming text and audio messages.


As standard, the Jet Scooter comes with a 40 hp propulsion system, but deforced electronically to 15 hp. This was done in order to allow riders, who do not have the appropriate license to operate high-speed watercraft (according to the laws applicable to inland and sea waters in the EU countries), to drive the Jet Scooter.

In the event that an appropriate license or proof that it is purchased for the sports purposes use is provided, a special software code is issued that removes all deforcing restrictions.


Important! In all cases, the legal aspects of operating the Jet Scooter or transferring control to other persons at increased power settings,requiring the necessary rider’s licenses, lies with the owner of the JetScooter and is determined by the current legislation in the given region.

In the case of military or special sports editions, the power of the propulsion system reaches more than 60 hp.



Electric Jet Scooter is a watercraft designed and manufactured at the company's European JetFlow Engineering Technologies Limited factory with the use of components manufactured only at European partner enterprises.

The JetFlow’s Electric Jet Scooter, created on the basis of unique, new and most advanced technologies, has a unique design and unique technical capabilities.


Jet Scooter is designed for operation in harsh sea conditions, including significant sea waves, for operation in closed (inland) reservoirs, where the use of watercraft equipped with internal combustion engines is prohibited, and for operation on sports rowing and sailing reservoirs.

JetFlow's Electric Jet Scooter is a purely European product that provides and guarantees maximum quality and reliability!


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