About us

JetFlow Engineering Technologies Limited

Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, is a European company that designs and manufactures systems, components, and precise instruments for marine applications. Our products are unrivaled in functionality and are based on cutting-edge military and aerospace technology.

Our goal is to create new, environmentally friendly products that provide an unprecedented level of safety and operating pleasure.


Highly qualified employees

Leading European engineers and designers with vast experience in fields like mathematical calculations and modeling, spacecraft control systems, high-pressure hydraulic systems, materials, metals, and alloys expertise, mechanical systems engineering, electronic engineering, programming, military navigation systems, shipbuilding and ship maintenance engineering, and extreme weather sports navigation have been brought together by the company.


The primary focus of the company is the design and construction of marine electric propulsion systems, power battery systems, and instrumentation to provide the safest navigation possible.

Furthermore, the company designs and manufactures the following systems:

  • Personal electric watercraft.
  • Safety systems to increase survivability and buoyancy.
  • Highly accurate and highly informative instruments not only precisely determine the vessel’s position, but also provide information about any vessel movements and turns as well as deviations from the set course while the vessel is in motion or mooring.
  • Crew and passenger safety.
  • Maritime telecommunication systems.
  • Highly efficient and environmentally friendly hybrid and all-electric propulsion systems for small and medium-sized vessels.
  • Precision positioning and containment systems for pontoons, offshore cranes, technical ships, fishing vessels, salvage and diving.


Our specialists pay special attention to all the details of the devices developed, the choice of material, the creation of new alloys, the detailed study of mechanical designs and the reliable protection of electronic components.

The quality of our products enables us to guarantee a long service life. This is ensured by the use of modern production equipment and highly professional staff.

Our products are manufactured in factories located in Germany (Baden-Württemberg), Italy (Ravenna and Vercelli), France (Occitania), Lithuania (Vilnius) and Greece (Attica).

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