Fields of Application


  • 01

    High-speed (radar stealthy and visually unobtrusive) pursuit of targets both in manned and unmanned mode.

  • 02

    100 % CO free emission (allowed for use in any reservoirs, including those closed for conventional water crafts)!

  • 03

    No special rider license is required to operate the Jet Scooter! It does not require registration with local authorities, as it has a total length of less than 2 meters (1884 mm).

  • 04

    Jet Scooter does not require mechanical devices for transportation (such as a trailer) or boat ramp. It can be launched in any convenient place, on the shore of the reservoir, from the yacht or pier. Because of its extremely small weight, it can be transported on the air trunk of an ordinary car, in the cabin of a minivan or the body of a pickup truck.

  • 05

    It can be charged from any 127–230-volt socket as well directly from an electric vehicle, if there is an appropriate connector on the car.


For the Coast Guard and Border Guard Service:

Open and covert patrolling of difficult sections of the coastal sea zone and the state border passing through the water surface, inaccessible to standard technical vehicles from the point of view of relief and depth. Ecological fish supervision of reservoirs.

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