Water Breaking

Water Braking System (WBS)

In spite of the numerous electronic protections and the absence of a constantly running internal combustion engine, the Jet Scooter is equipped with a “Kill Switch”, a key that attached to the arm or leg of the rider (different versions), as required by the authorities.

If the rider falls of the Jet Scooter, additional circuits break, preventing the possibility of the propulsion system working.

Jetflow Jetflow

fully electronic system

Since the Jet Scooter has a fully electronic propulsion and steering control system, it is possible to control it remotely by a person on shore.

This option is important for controlling the Jet Scooter in case of educational sailing by riders who do not have any experience in piloting high-speed watercrafts.

Sport Edition

In sport edition, for freestyle activities, riding in bad weather conditions,(as an extra option) the scooter deck can be equipped with a special coating named “Dual Lock” which is used in combination with a special sport shoe having a counter coating, it allows to be stable on the scooter deck, without any slip and breakaway, but at the same time freely detaching in emergency situations, which excludes any injury to riders.

This option gives additional confidence to riders in fully mastering and unlocking all the capabilities of the scooter, giving a sense of confidence, while making unthinkable turns, without the risk of losing contact and control with the scooter, subject to the constant wetting of the scooter deck with water.

Water Breaking

Vacuum Bilge Guard

The Jet Scooter has a highly efficient vacuum system “Vacuum Bilge Guard” (VBG) for removing water from the bilge, operating both in normal and emergency mode.

The hull of the Jet Scooter inside is covered with a special foam that gives extra stiffness to the body and provides positive buoyancy of the Jet scooter in any situation.


More Options

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    Remote Control Management (RCM)

    The pilot who is on shore is able to correct gross piloting errors, prevent emergencies, collisions, and return the scooter to shore.

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    Anti-theft marking

    The Jet Scooter is covered with electronically readable microdots tags that are inaccessible for destruction or compromise, carrying complete information about the watercraft, which completely eliminates the possibility of its theft and illegal use.

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    Since the Jet Scooter is designed to operate in harsh marine conditions, including specialized tasks, it must have high reliability and high fail-safety. For this purpose, the bearings used in the propulsion system, both in the permanent magnet electric motor and in the jet itself, are made of impact-resistant ceramic, not requiring regular lubrication, not subject to corrosion when in contact with moisture and sea water, having a minimum coefficient of friction.

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    Electric Safety

    Ceramic bearings also provide complete galvanic isolation of electric motor elements having high voltage and high currents, with the elements that have contact with sea water and external elements of the Jet Scooter, this is an additional guaranteed permanent electrical protection, reliably protecting against any, not normal, leakage of electric current as well it’s guarantees maximum electrical protection for use in all sea waters environments.

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